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Iraq: Chemical Ali Dies For Third Time And Poll Finds, Not Eveyone Thinks Tony Blair’s A Liar And Jack Straw’s Letter In Full

tony-blair-wanker1GREAT news for Tony Blair that 23% of those polled believe he deliberately misled MPs over the Iraq war and should face war crimes charges. Jack Straw writes an old letter and Chemcial Ali is sentenced to death – again and again and again…

Yeah, only 23%. Things are getting better. A whopping 77% think Blair told the truth, albeit accidentally.

But there is still work for Team Blair do to (work being not doing anything and just letting the Iraq story slide like a poo down an outside privy door).

The Sunday Times survey found less than a third (32%) accepted that Mr Blair “genuinely believed in the threat” which he used to publicly justify sending UK troops, while 52% thought he had “deliberately misled” the country.

That initial news is being a little tempered. But far less than 100% of us think Tony Blair is a conniving liar. And that is incredible.

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