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The Borrowers: The IMF Is Taken Over By Aliens

PROOF that aliens have taken contol of the IMF:

And I have proof; Olivier Blanchard, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund has called upon nations to raise public spending by 2 percent of gross domestic product to combat a global recession, in a complete reversal of all the IMF has ever held dear:

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Posted: 29th, November 2008 | In: Money | Comment (1)

IMF Orders The Markets Down By 20%

REUTERS is reporting that the IMF’s chief economist Olivier Blanchard has said:

“In a worst-case scenario, governments will need a few more weeks to take the correct measures and the markets could fall another 20 percent. Then, we’ll turn around,”

(Image: Beau Bo D’Or Website)

Just when you think that the IMF couldn’t get worse, they come up with an act of such utter imbecility that I am almost at a loss for words.

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Posted: 11th, October 2008 | In: Money | Comments (18)