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Vote Bush/Bin Laden

by | 1st, November 2004

‘IF Osama Bin Laden had a vote in tomorrow’s US Presidential election, he would no doubt vote for President Bush.

”My fellow Americans…”

The incumbent president is doing such a good job of pursuing al Qaeda’s agenda (such as it is) that bin Laden can kick back in his Tora Bora cave and watch the world disintegrate on CNN.

So, it was little surprise that, with polls showing Bush and John Kerry going neck and neck into the last weekend of the campaign, he should have chosen that moment to intervene.

”Why would the media-savvy Saudi dissident issue a tape that could lead to the re-election of President George Bush?” the Independent suggests people are asking.

And the answer is because the re-election of President George Bush is precisely what al Qaeda wants.

It doesn’t want American and British troops out of Iraq – it wants them there for years to come.

It wants division between the Muslim and Christians; it wants militancy, not moderation among the population of Islamic nations; it wants Bush not Kerry.

But how do we know the tape is genuine? Because the same people that told us Saddam Hussein has piles and piles of WMD tell us it is.

The Independent says one of the conspiracy theories circulating in the United States suggests that the release of the video was orchestrated by Bush’s political strategist Karl Rove.

Even Walter Cronkite, the respected former news anchor, told Larry King Live that he was inclined to believe that Rove probably set up the whole thing.

And the Indy says Bush knew that such a tape was in the offing, although ”presumably not even the talented spin doctors in the White House could engineer the timing of the tape’s broadcast”.

Or maybe they could…

A plain backdrop, a fake beard, a man who speaks a language that is unrecognisable to most of the American population…it sounds like a job for Dubya.’

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