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by | 21st, June 2006

“F***!” It’s Tourette’s Week Awareness Time on and we are entering into the spirit of the thing.

And we are not alone. Nikki is showing her support for the cause by swearing lots.

Nikki seems to have decided that being high maintenance is an attractive thing and has taken to screaming for “f****ng” bottled water.

And there’s Lisa. She swears about pretty much anything. She is a prolific and fluent swearer. She says Pete makes her feel “normal”. And she would be No.1 swearer were it not for Pete.

Of course, whereas Nikki’s foul mouth is a motif for her passionate belief in the benefits of sipping bottled water, and Lisa’s swearing epitomises what she is, Pete’s swearing is uncontrollable.

To some it might even be comic, especially those moments when discussing how much he likes all his housemates he blurts out “w****ers”.

Pete has a stated desire to be a “famous Touretter”. And though winning now, the competition is full, frank and f***ing desperate…

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