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Carly Zucker’s “Sexercises”

by | 21st, July 2006

IT’S Carly Zucker.

She’s in a swimming pool with her lover Joe Cole. The pair are at the Miami Beach Hotel, relaxing in the sun after spending a summer kicking a ball in the sun and watching people kick a ball in the sun, respectively.

The Star looks on as Carly points to her chin. She and Joe are cuddling in the pool. And it looks like she wants Joe to stick one on her.

No kiss is forthcoming. But Carly needs to be ready for when it does arrive and she is soon wearing a tiger-print bikini and warming up for it.

Over five pictures, Sun readers see Carly go through her “sexercises”. Carly is a 24-year-old personal trainer and she seems keen to bring her keep-fit regime to the world’s attention.

She rubs her belly; she thrusts her elbows out; she stretches up high; she pushes he arms out wide; and she gazes to the skies.

And Carly’s mission to get Britain fit is working as the Mirror takes a keen interest in her keep-fit regime.

The Mirror says this could almost be a rehearsal for a new fitness DVD, and surely it could.

Indeed, it cannot be too long before we are able to watch Wag-tastic Carly go about her moves in the privacy and comfort of our own armchair.

Get ready with the super slo-mo button…

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