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Princess Diana’s New Evidence

by | 24th, July 2006

UNABLE or unwilling to believe Princess Diana – our Princess of Hearts – died in so mundane a fashion as a car accident, the Express continues to report on her life.

This column will track the Express’s campaign to breathe new life into Diana. Just as she occupies a place in all our hearts and minds, so too does she feature in indelible ink on the front page of the Express.

And so to today’s look at Diana. And the front-page news is: “DIANA DEATH: NEW COVER–UP FEARS.”

Last week, Michael Burgess, the “Royal Coroner”, quit from the team investigating Diana’s death. He blamed “pressure of work”.

And now the paper says the Establishment – the Royal Family, the Government and MI6 – want the new coroner to record a verdict that Diana and her lover Did Fayed died as the “result of a road accident”.

And this is wrong. A source described as being “close to” the Operation Paget Inquiry into Diana’s death says there is a “mountain” of evidence that shows it was no accident.

This is interesting stuff. But the Express is worried that the general public will never see the evidence.

And a royal source says that we are not the only ones being affected. Speaking of Diana’s children William and Harry, the source says: “This is torture for them. They just want it over.”

But there is no sign of it ever being over. The Express cannot let it go. And we expect more of the same.

We expect to see more pictures of Diana (today there are two), and more shots of the crushed car in which she took her last journey (one).

It could go on for ever…

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