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Diddy Rocks Up

by | 15th, August 2006

P DIDDY is like the young lad who wants to be a rock star so spends hours in his bedroom practicing throwing his telly out of the window and calling down to his mum for room service.

We live in an age of non-singing celebrity singers. If it’s not Britney Spears appearing on a reality TV show, it’s Pete Doherty not turning up for a concert and P Diddy arriving in Blighty to promote himself.

The Mirror says Diddy’s bullet-proof car is waiting for him on the runway as he flies in from Ibiza. He heads to his central London hotel. But the car is too big for the roads. The obvious move is to make the roads wider. But time is pressing, and the car is forced to park around the corner. Another smaller car is summoned to take Diddy the 300 yards to the hotel door.

Then he’s off to Radio 1 for an interview. The Mirror looks on as the only one of Ken Dodd’s backing group to pursue a solo career arrives at the station’s offices.

The rules of pop stardom dictate that the star must behave in a certain way. So he rejects the food on offer because it is served on polystyrene plates. A lackey nips to a café to get the crockery.

Diddy is happier now. And happier than he was in Ibiza. The Sun says while on the island thieves stole Diddy’s £6million necklace.

As a spokesman for the star says (Diddy doesn’t even have to speak, let alone sing): “It’s a trademark for rappers. It’s a status symbol. He will feel lost without it.”

Not that he’s making much of a song and dance about it…

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