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Jamie ‘F***ing’ Oliver

by | 8th, September 2006

JAMIE Oliver is on the campaign trail.

Jamie is “f***ing bored with being polite”. The world is in a terrible state. The time for action is now. Come one, Jamie. F***ing come on!

“Now is the time to says ‘if you’re giving your young children fizzy drinks, you’re an a*******, you’re a tosser’.”

Say it, Jamie. Say it. “If you aren’t cooking them a hot meal, sort it out.” Say it Jamie. F***ING say it.

And he’s saying it in the Mail. “I’ve seen kids of the ages of four and five, the same as mine, open their lunchbox and inside is a cold, half-eaten McDonald’s, multiple packets of crisps and a can of Red Bull,” says Jamie. F*** that! Say it, Jamie. F***ing say it.

“You laugh and then you want to cry.” You do. You f***ing do. It’s tantamount to child abuse. It f***ing is.

“I’m sure that parent loves that child but if the kid comes home and says, ‘Mummy, I’m tired’ and the parent thinks ‘Red Bull gives you wings’, you might as well give them a line of coke.”

F***ing right, Jamie. Give them a line of coke. Or an entire f***ing can of the stuff…

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