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Why The Butlers War

by | 12th, September 2006

THIS is war.

On one side is the Daily Mail, friend to the weeping Rock that is Paul Burrell.

Paul has a new Princess Diana book out. In this tome, Princess Diana flies into Paul’s arms on a pair of gossamer wings and ask him why all men are not like him. She then crowns Paul Miss Universe. There is much crying. (We confess that we have not read the book and our review is based on educated guesswork.)

Today Paul is on the front page of the Mail. “BURRELL BLAST AT THE PRINCES,” says the front page. “I’m still in the corner waving my flag,” says he. “Who else is? The Royal Family aren’t, her ex-husband isn’t and sadly her children aren’t. “

But you are not alone, Paul. And looking past the Mail’s serialisation of another Diana-sponsored tome (Diana by Sarah Bradford, the Queen’s biographer – which should not be confused with Diana, Princess of Wales by Meredith Etherington-Smith, The Real Diana by Colin Campbell, Diana: The People’s Princess and many many more,) we see the Daily Express.

Like Burrell, the paper is sat in the corner. It too waves a flag. And it says “Sale Now On. Harrod’s mid season sale.” Another flag, this one modelled on the paper’s front page says: “DIANA WAS SO MUCH IN LOVE.”

And not just with Paul Burrell. No. Diana was so in love with Dodi Fayed. “Champagne was on ice to celebrate her engagement the night he died, says butler.”

No. Not Paul. He says no such thing. There’s a new butler in town. And his name is Rene Delorm (co-author of Diana & Dodi: A Love Story).

“He [Dodi] showed me this magnificent ring, all diamonds,” says Rene, Dodi Fayed’s butler. Dodi was all set to propose to his – and our – beloved princess.

But Paul Burrell told us Dian and Dodi were not to be married? “Paul Burrell is a liar,” says Rene. “He was not in the picture for Diana’s future.”

And now we at war. It’s butler versus butler. Rock versus roche. They are going head to head until all that’s left is so much dust.

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