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Jessica Simpson Makes Eyes

by | 2nd, October 2006

When Nick Carter learned that his girlfriend at the time, Paris Hilton, cheated on him with Chad Michael Murray, he got revenge. He immediately hooked up with Asshole Simpson. Are these bitches twelve years old?

Nick told Page Six:

“I’d fallen head over heels with this chick. Then, all of a sudden, three months go by and I got people telling me, ‘Nick, you know what Paris is doing to you,’ and I got a little upset,” Carter related. “So then I just decided to fight back a little bit and started doing my own thing again. The result is I hooked up with Ashlee Simpson. When Paris came back from Australia, they talked to each other and she found out about it.

“So I brought it up to her and said, ‘You know what I did, and now it’s your turn. Why don’t you tell me what you did.’ And she goes, ‘I never did anything! I never cheated on you.’ I had kind of started to really like Ashlee and I was thinking about the dating stage, then, before you know it [bleep]ing bitch-face comes back.”

Nick is dropping bombs left and right to promote her new reality show, House of Carters. Nick’s brother, Aaron, also apparently hooked up with Paris right after her break-up with Nick.

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