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Cheryl Cole’s Goal

by | 30th, October 2006

IMPRESSED by her husband Ashley Cole’s literary efforts (as of Saturday Ashley Cole: My Defence: Winning, Losing, Scandals and the Drama of Germany 2006 was 3,968th in Amazon’s ranking of book sales – beneath Plumbing NVQ and Technical Certificate Level 2), Cheryl Cole writes for the Mirror.

Working on the understandable assumption that no one can be half as bad the paper’s dire showbiz news hunting 3am Girls, Cheryl writes: “Enough’s enough. I’ve had my nails cut so no more getting my claws into Charlotte Church.”

To recap: Cheryl said something like Charlotte Church was fat and ugly. Church, who can sing, replied that Cheryl was welcome to “have a go” when she could “f***ing sing Ave Maria”.

It was the battle between the singer who could sing and the signer who had just got her nails cut and married a footballer. Game on.

But now Cheryl says: “Come on Char, let’s call it a day.” Cheryl thinks she and Char “have a lot in common”.

Charlotte has a memorable voice, an eponymous TV show on Channel 4 and credibility.

Of course, one other key difference is that Charlotte dates a rugby player, the orange-brown Welshman Gavin Henson, while Charlotte is married to the aforesaid Ashley.

Not that Cheryl married him because he is a footballer. Indeed, it sickens her the way girls want to date a young man who earns £50,000 a week. Cheryl calls them “whores”.

“They come into clubs and literally say ‘Find me a footballer!’…Even if I’m out with my hubby Ashley Cole, they still don’t care. They think: ‘There’s a footballer – let’s get a story and make money.”

Or marry him and share his…

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