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The Fab Fours

by | 6th, November 2006

THE Brian Epstein of tribute groups is back in a big way, as Jerry Peluso’s Beatles experience, Fab Forever, premieres tomorrow night on the Las Vegas Strip with what will surely be the #1 Beatles tribute show in all of Vegas, and most likely– the world.

Fab Forever, managed and produced by impresario and Paul McCartney lookalike Peluso, will be playing two shows a night at the historic Riviera Hotel & Casino at 5 and 7 pm, Saturdays through Wednesdays.

The multimedia event is a magical history tour that puts the creators’ faces on the music that’s packing the house at the Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles Love show at the Mirage.

“We picked the early spots because we’re not out to compete with Elton, Prince or the Love show,” says Peluso. “This gives fans a chance to get even more entertainment, seeing the greatest Beatles tribute and then going out to see a big expensive show.”

And while the Fab Forever are not competing with e Celine Dions, they are going head-to-head with another Beatles-inspired act—one that gives Peluso extra incentive to have his lads succeed.

“No, no, I wish them only the best,” Peluso says, taking the high road when recalling the low blow he received when his original Beatles imitator creation, the Fab Four, tossed him like an old Brown Shoe after he coached and booked them to international acclaim and a regular gig at the Las Vegas Hilton (home to Elvis, Wayne and Engelbert).

The Fab musicians complained of the workload and they bowed out. And after dumping their faithful and tireless manager, they actually actually booked a tribute to themselves in the Food Court at the Aladdin. Yes, the Fab Four that’s playing in the Aladdin, isn’t even a Beatles tribuite, but a tribute to a tribute band!

After the group pulled the Pete Best on him, Peluso went around the world and found the greatest individual Beatles performers and formed the new group.

With a new drummer on board, the group is ready to head to the toppermost of poppermost on the Vegas Strip. And with the rock n’roll crowd claiming Vegas as its new home—and Prince setting up residency not far away at the Rio, expect celebs to be dropping in– and sitting in.

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