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Princess Diana’s Century

by | 27th, November 2006

Princess Diana’s 100 Years

SHE’S been quiet. Too quiet. But now Princess Diana is back to the fore.

“DIANA DEATH: DRIVER RIDDLE SOLVED,” says the Express’s front page.

Alongside a picture of a smiling Diana (blonde hair, pearl earrings, white teeth, blue jacket), the Express brings news from the investigation into the apparent death of the Princess of Hearts.

The paper hears “scientists” conclude that “numerous serious errors” occurred as they examined driver Henri Paul’s blood.

The Express says this is because pathologist Dominique Lecomte and blood tester Dr Gilbert Pepin “misled” examining magistrates.

And the key finding is that it was that Paul’s blood was mixed up with that of another man, known only as a suicide victim.

The Express says that someone who had imbibed a large amount of whisky and then stuck a hosepipe to their car exhaust and gassed themselves would have given the same readings as those attributed to Paul’s sample.

How the Express knows this is unsaid. And why whisky? And did anyone see a hose at the crash site? And if not, was one removed?

While that is looked into, the Express says French legal authorities are becoming “increasingly critical” at the way Paul’s blood was stored.

As ever, there are more questions to ponder on the death of Diana.

And, encouragingly for the Express, we will not know the answer to some of thee questions any time soon. As the Express says, French privacy laws mean the name of the suicide victim will not be released to the public for 100 years.

By this time, most of us will be dead – although not Diana, obviously…

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