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Madonna’s Band Aid

by | 30th, November 2006

Madonna thanks Bob Geldof

GOT the rubber bracelet. Got the T–shirt. But when you went to Live 8 last year did you get the small, complementary African?

Madonna did. And, as the Sun reports, the singer was so keen to thank Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof for arranging the do that she “secretly” made a huge donation to his Band Aid charity.

It seems that Madonna would never have visited Malawi had Bob not opened her eyes to the country’s plight.

“She feels that she is forever in Sir Bob’s debt for having introduced her to the country where she eventually met her beloved son,” says a source said to be close to Madonna. Readers are then told that the singer made a “very generous donation” to the Band Aid charity.

And while in the spirit of giving, Madonna sees fit to give Geldof a “huge bundle of photos that she and her husband Guy had taken while they were in Malawi”.

Might this be the start of a new trend, a modern take on the couple inviting their friends over to see a slide show of their wonderfully exotic holiday?

Here’s the photo of Madonna and Guy leaving their home. Here’s a photo of the taxi taking them to the airport. Here’s a photo of the taxi driver. Here’s a photo of the luggage trolley.

Here’s a photo of the Malawi High Court ruling that the group of 67 human rights organisations can pursue their application for a full judicial review of the court order that allowed Madonna to remove David Banda from their country.

And here’s another snap of the groups’ lawyer Justin Dzoniz saying that he hopes the review will allow the court to “make a proper decision on whether to grant Madonna full adoption rights”.

And here’s a photo of Madonna in a bikini…

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