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Love Me Baby One More Time

by | 1st, December 2006

Kevin Federline wants Britney Spears back

ON the day the British press produce pictures of Britney stepping out with oil heir Brandon Davies, the Enquirer hears Kevin Federline beg: “TAKE ME BACK!”

And that’s not take him back to his black rap roots, but take him back to the bosom of Britney’s love.

K-Ferret has learned his lesson and wants to give his marriage to multi-millionairess Britney another go.

But perhaps because the feelings are too raw or, being a man’s man he is not ready to emote, K-Ferret tells us nothing. And beneath that aforesaid front-page headline, the Enquirer adds the qualifier: “– say pals”.

The magazine says K-Ferret is “nearly broke”. And like his bank balance, so too his heart. A source says Kevin is hoping to meet Britney for a “heart-to-heart” talk.

Sure, the singing ferret says he is delighted to be rid of Britney in public, so the Enquirer says. But, sources say this is just bravado.

Says the source: Kevin’s nearly out of money, his CD is tanking, and his tour dates are getting cancelled. They can’t give away the tickets.”

We learn: “He is ready to go down on one knee and beg if that’s what it takes to get her back.”

Meanwhile Britney is said to be “incredibly upset” and “inconsolable” at being asked to appear on stage at the American Music Awards after a sketch in which a Kevin look-alike (or was it?) was nailed into a wooden box and thrown into the ocean.

Did he sink or swim? And will anyone step in to save a drowning man..?

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