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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Move On

by | 13th, December 2006

BRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie are looking at something on the ground on Hello!’s Cover page.
The couple, along with their three children, are sat on a patch of green. All eyes are pointed down.

What are they looking at? Brad and Angelina are, unlike their children, wearing sunglasses. Is this something so very bright? A huge diamond? A full set of Hollywood teeth?

Brad wears a strip of cloth wrapped around his head, like Rambo. We wonder if he is surveying a map, looking to invade and rescue somebody from some Asian hellhole?

And then it dawns on us. Are they are looking at a colour chart for their home?

Do the Jolie-Pitts go with tones reminiscent of daughter Zahara’s African roots, red, gold and green? Or what about black, in keeping with Maddox’s Cambodian origins? Or something in ginger, nay strawberry blonde, for Shiloh Nouvel (may her name forever be held in esteem).

And will one colour clash with the décor? Will too much magnolia render Shiloh invisible save for her eyes?

Such are the trials of raising the rainbow family.

And the family is in Cambodia, the “war-torn, poverty-stricken country” Angelina “fell in love with”.

Says Angelina: “Cambodians are incredibly resistant survivors – they have overcome so much.” Angelina has Cambodian citizenships, and like her countrymen she too has overcome.

Angelina has carried out humanitarian work in Africa, Haiti, Pakistan and south east Asia, observes Hello!. And Brad has chipped in, too. In the United States “Brad has been the driving force behind the reconstruction of New Orleans”, a vision in hard hat and tool belt.

And in the New Year, the couple will be setting out to highlight the humanitarian disaster in Dafur, Western Sahara.

There is much for Brad and Angelina to overcome. Many lesser souls would be overcome with the workload.

But whether it’s rebuilding a drowned city, saving lives in Asia or redecorating the house, Brad an Angelina remain unfazed and undaunted…

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