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Diana Sees All

by | 19th, December 2006

“DIANA,” announces the front page of the Express and once more we are back in the Alma Tunnel, Paris, the White House dancing with John Travolta, being Shy Di on her way home from kindergarten.

Diana – say the name and the memories come flooding back.

And as we look back, Princess Diana looks forward. “Princess predicted her own ‘murder’ time and time again in the two years before her death, says the official report,” says the Express.

(For illustrative purposes, Diana can be seen dressed in emerald and diamond chocker with matching earrings, blonde hair and smile. Lips are red. Teeth are white.)

This is Diana “eerie premonition” notes the Express. She knew she would die young. The good die young.

But why should this be news now? The official verdict is in. The French police produced a report that ran to 6,000 pages. The British police have just compiled a tome that runs to 832 pages.

The Express has pulped trees in their thousands, hundreds of thousands, to tell the tale of Diana. It might just be that Diana’s carbon footprint does for us all as she was done for.

Yes, in spite of evidence of an accident, drink driving, no seat belt and speeding, and no evidence of a cover-up nor murder, the conspiracy theorists will not let Di lie.

Diana’s belief that an “establishment plot was being cooked up to off her is given more space.

There is a “spooky accuracy” to her premonition says the Express. She believed she and Camilla Parker Bowles would be “put aside” like so much brittle bone china. “They” were going to get her. “Prince Philips wants to see me dead.”

Diana was a “threat”. They were going to blow her up. They were going to poison her. They were going to round her up, put her in a big field and bomb her.

They were going to get in a batted white Fiat and… Well, what of that car, the phantom Italian hot hatchback? “Hunt for crash riddle Fiat goes on,” says the Express.

It says the French police “will never give up” looking for a compact white Fiat with at least one not–all-that-careful owner. The car has yet to be traced. So too the driver.

What will happen next? Does anyone know? Does Diana know..?

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