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To The Manor Osbourne

by | 19th, December 2006

OZZY Osbourne rests his hands on the bare shoulders of his wife, the pixie-voiced Sharon.

This is not Ozzy, the vibrating man of rock, steadying himself, reaching out for the most solid object to hand. This is a sign of love. Sharon and Ozzy’s love. It is a love they want to share with the world through the pages of Hello!.

What is more, Sharon and Ozzy – once more pictured together; Ozzy once more holding onto the steadying influence of his wife – want us to join them for Christmas.

So we journey to deepest Buckinghamshire. This is the abode of “Britain’s wildest, most eccentric family”, observes Hello!.

This is not the home to some “Waltonesque clan” it says – or at least not the Waltons before John Boy discovered the delights of hillbilly heroin, Olivia realised that saying “f*ck” a lot was a good shorthand for looking rebellious and Elizabeth Walton mutated into a singing woodland mushroom.

There are red velvet stockings lining the mantle, a Christmas tree that looks like someone has thrown a sprig of fir at a pile of presents, jewels and shiny paper and candles flickering away in every corner.

Sharon are Ozzy are cuddled up on the sofa. Ozzy rests his head on Sharon’s left hand. Sharon’s right hand clutches Ozzy’s shoulder. “Hold it!” says the snapper. You can almost feel the tension.

“I love him to bits,” says Sharon, of her husband of nigh on 25 years. “I just don’t know where the time has gone.”

Looking at Sharon’s famously flawless complexion, gravity-defying chest and buttocks, neither do we. It is as if time has stood still.

But Sharon says, “I embrace my life at my age.” She calls herself a late bloomer”.

Life moves on. And life for Sharon now embraces not only Ozzy but a stint on the X Factor telly talent show and her eponymous chatshow. Says Sharon of her talking shop: “It’s an artform, a craft and it’s not something that anyone can just do.” Viewers of the show will surely agree.

But this is not Sharon talking to someone else about their latest book and their dreams of being on the X Factor, this is Sharon talking to us.

She tells us of the cancer, the drugs, the drink, her grounded children, her normality and the love. Always the love. It is the love that makes things shine. That and there enormous diamonds on Sharon’s wrists and fingers…

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