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Finding Diana’s Centrepoint

by | 21st, December 2006

DID you know that the human brain is designed to “plan a move from scratch each and every time”?

It seems that we are not lab rats. And it is by thinking anew and not by routine that we kick a football, swing a golf club or write the Daily Mail, the paper in which this story appears.

As the paper says: “This means that, unlike a computer, people cannot just automatically repeat what has gone before.”

For instance, could a computer create the Mail? No, it could not. Each story of imminent doom and horror is addressed on its individual merits.

And so it is that the Express is designed each day from fresh. It is down not to planning that Princess Diana features so prominently, it is down to the truth that she is big news.

And here is Diana taking to people at a Centrepoint hostel in London. Diana is blonde and fair of skin. Her audience is black.

Now look again. See the blonde royal talking to the dark-skinned youth. Note the “remarkable echoes” of Diana’s visit as Prince Williams, for it is he, converses with the homeless.

William helps out in the kitchen. He talks to 18-year-old Ali Iyiguven over a mug of tea. He wears a sweater and jeans.

William is “offering words of comfort” to the dispossessed.

He is a prince among men…homeless men. He is the Prince of Hearts. Reading the report in the Express, it is as if Diana never went away…

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