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David Gest 2007 Pin Up Calendar

by | 4th, January 2007

FLIPPING through one of my beloved Star magazines while on vacation, I came across a titillating photo of David Gest washed up on the beach.

His cottage-cheese-in-a-ziplock-bag physique spills onto the sand with dapples of sunlight casting mysterious shadows along the pocked and lumpy flesh Liza Minnelli used to call “husband.

While not quite as well-known in the States, David Gest is considered to be the “Weirdest Person in the World” across the pond. Mr. Gest was dunked in a rusty tank full of alligators, snakes and spiders on a recent U.K. television show.

Those Brits really know how to entertain themselves – public humiliation of annoying celebutards makes for quality living room entertainment.

Medium: ink, acrylic and gouache hastily painted in sketchbook late at night. Much thanks to Viper Tetsu for a bit of word craftiness.

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