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Showing Signs Of Stain

by | 5th, January 2007

ONE full day into the Celebrity Big Brother house and signs of Jermaine Jackson falling apart.

The Mail has a picture of the Jackson sporting a strip of tape across the bridge and point of his snub nose. Is the tape to keep it on? Is this nose a keepsake from his brother Michael Jackson, something to hold and look at in those low times?

Or is the strip a way of removing blackheads and clearing blocked pores?

The Sun says it is an anti-snoring strip. And, if so, would Jermaine please lend it to Ken Russell, who was waken by Spinal Tap wannabe Donny Tourette and given a “heads up” about his nightly din.

On second thoughts, keep Ken Russell snoring – it reminds us that he is alive. (Perish the thought, but might Ken leave the show feet first?)

Back to Jermaine, who seems proud enough of his looks to try anything to keep things just so. And if that includes painting his head with wood stain then so be it.

The Sun says that Jermaine is dye-ing to win Celebrity Big Brother. It looks on as Jermaine lifts his head from the pillow and leaves behind a mark. What odds the stain will remain long after Jermaine has been evicted?

We can only wonder what might have been had the rumours been correct and Robert Kilroy Silk entered the house. With all that varnish the place would have looked like an old tavern in no time at all.

Even the brightest strip lighting could not have penetrated the inky blackness…

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