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Water Logged

by | 15th, January 2007

small_171133_1_1168855637.jpgKATE Moss should not be too hard on her lover.

When they’re not ensuring a good night out for young royalty, the boys in blue love to chase a soft target like Doherty.

And like David Hewitt, who is pictured by the Mirror in his back garden.

Hewitt is holding a length of yellow garden hose. His expression is careworn and incredulous. The end of the hose is poking through a gap in a bamboo fence.

The hose may very well be on. If it is, Mr Hewitt should take care to turn it off lest it exceed the stated dose of water.

The story is that while hosing down decking at his home in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, Hewitt was court on the horns of a dilemma.

It was 8:30am, m’lud, and, as noted, Hewitt, an IC1 male, is hosing off his decking. All is going to plan. But Hewitt realises that the dustmen are due. He has not yet put the bins out. The approved procedure is to wheel the bins to the roadside in the late evening before collection. But Hewitt has strayed from the official line.

Says Hewitt: “I hung the running hose on the fence and meant to come back to finish the job. Then I found out I was late for work, left the house and completely forgot about the hose.”

A neighbour whose garage is being made wet alerts the police. Officers arrive at 12:30pm. There are three officers in two vehicles. A scene-of-crime van arrives. An officer strides into the garden to take official photographs.

Hewitt says that someone called “Wendy” tries to let the family dog out but is informed that the animal will be entering a crime scene. This could spoil the investigation and very possibly incriminate the dog.

The police leave a note advising Hewitt to attend a police station or face arrest at home. Hewitt visits the offices of Southend constabulary. He is arrested. His possessions are seized. He spends around 40 minutes in a cell. He is interviewed on tape and under caution. He is then released under police bail.

Hewitt says he is “disgusted”.

The clear message is that anyone watering their garden should synchronise their hose work with Prince Harry’s social life and check if Pete Doherty is in the country.

And put their bins out on time.

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