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Britney’s New Musical Wave

by | 16th, January 2007

small_171137_1_1168936807.jpgBRITNEY Spears sucks on a red lollypop.

Who loves you baby, might read the caption as we learn of lovelorn Britney’s latest exploits.

“Pukes I did it again..on my boyfriend,” says the Mirror’s headline. News is that Britney has thrown up on her lover, Isaac Cohen.

The paper says the singer looked “chunder the weather” as she “romantically ‘yawned’ into his hands as they left a Hollywood club at 3am”.

The Star listens as Britney’s publicist says male model Isaac had “peanut butter” on his hands.

No shot of any vomit is forthcoming. But what if the story is true?

Surely this is only Britney keeping abreast of the latest musical trends. Just last week Anorak reported that Amy Winehouse had given full throat to the new technicolour musical wave by vomiting on stage.

There was talk of a bucket being made ready for Jason Donovan’s performance. Charlotte Church was necking vodka with a pizza chaser.

Gobbing was so 1970s. In the 21st Century we demand the full deal. If she did puke, we congratulate Britney for being brave enough to embrace new musical trends.

The only shock is that her new lover didn’t return the compliment and puke up on her.

Look out for that on Britney’s next live show…

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