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Charles & Camilla Light Up The Room

by | 30th, January 2007

charles-camilla-light-up-the-room.jpgNEVER mind the hair and the teeth – get a load of the necklace.

As the Mail’s front page reports, this cluster of rocks and paste is worth a million dollars. Not cheap, admittedly, but no big deal in this era of oversized bling.

But when placed about the neck of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Mail cannot but stare. One imagines Camilla’s usual neck gear to be something other than a harness of precious metals, perhaps something in leather straps and reins.

Understandably, then, this is front-page news. And despite Camilla being no Diana, the second Mrs Prince Charles still manages to pull a crowd.

The Mail looks on as Camilla steps out at a white-tie gala to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the city of Philadelphia’s Academy of Music.

“Doesn’t she look awesome,” coos Edward Rendell, the Governor of Pennsylvania as Camilla sashays along the carpet in a livery of burgundy velvet floor-length Robinson Valentine dress.

But never mind Camilla, what of the jewels? Rod Stewart, seen greeting Camilla and Prince Charles in the Sun (“Do you think Cam sexy?”), says Camilla’s necklace is “gorgeous”. Clad in a military-style white jacket, Rod addresses the Royal: “You make me feel underdressed.”

“ROCK & DROOL”, says the Mirror. And Rod goes on: “She always looks glamorous to me. I can see what he sees in her quite honestly, between you, me and the lamppost.”

In less enlightened time, Stewart may have been hanged from a lamppost until his voice grew still raspier for so labelling the heir to the throne.

But we live in a bright new age, a time when Charles and Camilla can forgive and be forgiven. And what more fitting a setting for so much understanding than Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love

Where else could Charles, Camilla and a phalanx of around 20 aides jet off to the United States to receive an award for the prince’s work on behalf of the environment? (Former Vice President Gore has presented Charles with the Global Environmental Citizen Award, given by the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School.)

But Charles’s clown boot-sized carbon footprint does not bother everyone. It does not bother Rod Stewart: “Bollocks to them,” says Rod in reference to the critics. “What are we going to do without the jet age? Are we supposed to go by ships now? People will be complaining about the fuel burnt by ships. We have got to get around you know. It’s the 21st century.”

In any case, if not her smile, then at least Camilla’s necklace can light things up…

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