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Less Than Zero – Beckham’s Model Look

by | 31st, January 2007

beckhams-model-look.jpg“POSH bans size zero models.”

The good news is that the Americans do get irony. There is every chance that in the land over there, where Victoria Beckham is to make her base, eyebrows are raised and smirks smirked.

Some may wonder why it is that her Poshness has banned “ultra-thin” models from promoting her fashion label. Is there a fear that she will be upstaged, made to look bigger?

Or will the use of bigger models – the Sun cites model Daniella Sarahyba (35-26-36) – make Posh look smaller.

You can never be too rich or too thin. See David Beckham’s £128million contract. Try to see the disappearing Posh.

Listen up as Posh tells us: “I have started wearing high-waist jeans but they do really squeeze you in round the waist and by the end of the day I was beginning to have mental images of my epitaph, ‘Victoria Beckham, done in by denim.”

Such is the pursuit of slimness that Posh has taken to dressing like an elderly Jewish man wintering in Boca Ratan, Florida. Do these “Jewish Jeans”, warn high over the navel, come in brilliant yellow? We can only hope so.

Victoria is the woman nicknamed “Skeleton Spice”, as the Sun reminds us. This is Vicky who required a pair of 23-inch David Bitton jeans – “which is the same size Gap use for a seven year old.” And, no, not a typically obese British seven year old.

So why the bigger models, Posh? A source explains: “Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don’t have to be ultra skinny to look good.”

Indeed, you do not. And with a good corset, strong elastic and tight, tight, tight jeans, you can try…

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