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Muslim Smart Cops

by | 5th, February 2007


So says the Sun, which “FINDS HANDAKE ROW WPC”.

In truth, the paper might not have had to look all that hard for the Muslim copper given that WPC Natalie Smart has a police number written on her shoulders and can be seen clad in a luminous yellow jacket with “POLICE” writ across the back.

WPC Smart also rides a bicycle. She wears a regulation hijab beneath her regulation police helmet. Neither the hijab nor the helmet resemble an aroused nipple. Other than this she looks like any other copper on the beat.

Smart by name, smart by nature. This copper came to prominence when in the course of her passing out parade from police school she declined the offer of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair’s hand. The news was that a devout Muslim WPC Smart is unable to touch a man other than her husband. Sir Ian offered his hand not in matrimony but in welcome.

And when WPC Smart’s not shaking hands with her boss, she’s kneeling on her regulation tunic and praying in the park.

Overlook for a moment the other coppers on the bicycle training class playing football, and take in WPC Smart’s raised bottom and supine demeanour. Is this the way to instil fear and dread into the hearts of wrongdoers: black drivers, Brazilian electricians and fare dodgers? WPC Smart is not studying the ground for clues. WPC Smart is at prayer.

WPC Smart says she is willing to tackle all criminals, including, say, football hooligans. And she is also willing to work with men.

But first she must pray. See her kneel to worship “besides a kids’ area”.

Is this significant? Were any children playing at the time? Were any at prayer?

Or were they all busy watching the other policemen playing football?…

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