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Michael Barrymore Pie In Elton John Syrup

by | 7th, February 2007

ANYONE for “Barrymore Pie”?

In PIES AND PREJUDICE”, the Sun looks over the fare on offer at Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory.

Why anyone should want to dine at an eatery where the owner uses the epithet “mad” and dishes things up in pie is something worth investigating. But not yet.

For now we are concerned with the Barrymore Pie on sale at the pub at Tipton, West Midlands.

Described as “faggots swimming in gravy”, the pie is named in honour of Michael Barrymore, erstwhile game show host and Big Brother star emeritus.

As the Star reports, this name could be a dig at the matter of Barrymore and Stuart Lubbock, who drowned in the entertainer’s swimming pool in 2001.

Whatever the dish’s etymology, it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth of customer Karin Thompson.

Says she: “It is an offensive use of language – a cheap jibe that is not even funny.”

Pub landlord Peter Towley counters: “It’s been on the menu six years during which time I have had hundreds of thousands of customers and not a single complaint.”

He goes on: “Why don’t these people worry about something like the National Health Service.”

This may be an unfortunate reference, linking as it does the mad pies with sickness. But Pete is in full flow: “I will not bow to this pressure. I sell about 100 Barrymore Pies a week. I suppose I could change its name to Politically Correct Pie.”

Over in the Star, Towler suggests the pie could also be changed to “Elton John Pie”. Interesting. But who wants to find someone else’s hairs in their pie?

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