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Rich & Thin – Victoria Beckham Makes A Meal Of Spice Girl Reunion

by | 9th, February 2007

small_171261_1_1171005252.jpgFEBERILE times as Victoria Beckham heads to another restaurant.

In “POSH NOSH”, the Mirror is on hand to see Her Poshness go to the Nobu Berkeley eatery in London’s Mayfair. For this adventure in meal times, Vicky is dressed in “THE FULL WORKS”.

This is Beckham, in “Full glitz” – a leopard print coat on her back, a pair of strappy shoes on her feet, a pot of lippy on her face.

Posh is not dining alone but with former Spice Girls Emma ‘Baby’ Bunton and Geri ‘Ginger’ Halliwell.

For purposes of dining, Bunton wears a “sensible overcoat” and “pleasant dress”. Halliwell sports a “warm duffle”.

There is every reason to believe that both Bunton and Halliwell have eaten before, dressed as they are in easy care and comfortable fabrics. But what can be said of Victoria in her combination of leather and fur?

It pains us to consider the result should Victoria let fall onto her skirt a sliver of raw fish steeped in soy sauce and wasabi or an almost living hunk of wagyu beef in oil. It might be best that Vicky sticks with the steamed endamame bean and cabbage steak.

Of course, we know what is best for Vicky, as the staff at Nobu do. We have seen Vicky and learned to adjust to her foibles.

What of those Americans? If Vicky is to settle in Los Angeles and not end up looking like some under made-up, pasty, overweight sideshow, she needs to form a circle of trust.

But, as the Sun reports, Vicky may be alone over there. The Beckhams have had work permit applications for their entire security team refused by the US border patrol.

This means that the Victoria and David’s eight most loyal and trusting security staff will not be allowed to protect the Beckhams in America.

The simple rule is that US authorities will not grant foreigners a work permit if they believe Americans can do the job.

And surely this is wrong. Granted, American bodyguards can shoot, give chase and get the would be kidnappers in a World Wrestling Federation-style head hold but can they conjure up a watery Matsuhisa Martinis and rice on a wet Thursday night?

The challenge is on…

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