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Ralph Fiennes Mile High

by | 11th, February 2007

small_171269_1_1171215474.jpgFINE British actor Ralph Fiennes has been on long-haul flight from Australia to India.

And during the Qantas flight something occurred. According to stewardess Lisa Robertson it went like this:

“While conversing with Mr Fiennes during my break, I expressed a need to go to the toilet. I went to the nearby toilet and entered it, he followed me and entered the same toilet. I explained to him that this was inappropriate and asked him to leave. Mr Fiennes became amorous towards me and, after a short period of time, I convinced him to leave the toilet, which he did. I left the toilet a short time later.”

To the Mirror this is “RALPH’S QUICKIE AT 35,000FT”.

Says Australian Lisa: “It’s common practice on long flights to build a rapport with passengers.”

But readers should not that Fiennes was in the business class toilet and such care mat not be extended to passengers stuck cheap seats.

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