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by | 31st, January 2007

about-the-houses.jpg“SHILPA.” Will we never tire of hearing that name?

The Big Brother winner is once more on the Mirror’s cover page. “SHILPA. Now even the Queen wants to meet me,” goes the headline.

In “I’M SO HONOURED”, Shilpa says she is “thrilled at a chance to meet the Queen”.

“It’s a huge honour. I am humbled,” says the woman many in the Bermondsey area of London are calling Princess. And many more are calling the new Chantelle Houghton.

And now the Princess is going to the palace. Well, not exactly a palace, more Marlborough House in London.

And Shilpa is not just meeting the Queen. The do is to celebrate Commonwealth Day and Shilpa will be mingling with all the other reality TV stars and dignitaries invited to the reception.

And this is not all. The woman who was shocked by the “burping, farting, drinking and swearing” in the Big Brother house has been invited to the House of Commons.

Shilpa will attend the seat of power on February 7, when, as the Mirror says, “the PM, Chancellor Gordon Brown and senior MPs will be queuing to shake her hand”.

We who have seen Shilpa’s performance on Big Brother believe she is ready to enter another bawdy house of ill repute. And we wish her well in the Commons.

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