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War On Terror – Paying The Price

by | 6th, February 2007

“HAMZA’S lawyer is paid £506,466 and it’s all from legal aid in just 7 months.”

If ever there was a tale to inspire and show that the UK is a land of equality and opportunity it is this story that Muddassar Arani, a Ugandan-born lawyer, presides over such a successful enterprise.

Right it is that the Express should salute this woman on its front page, a woman given the unlovely job of defending the likes of Abu Hamza, the hook-handed loon whose face also appears on the Express’s cover.

Like the Express, we can only marvel at how her company Arani & Co earned, on average, £16,900 per week for the 30 weeks between April 1 2006 and October 31 2006.

Anyone willing to defend what Ms Arani’s company website calls “abuses taking place as a result of the so-called alleged war on terror” should be featured so prominently.

As Patrick Mercer, Tory Homeland Security spokesman, tells the paper: “Clearly every suspect needs proper legal aid. But I do wonder at the amount of money that Arani and Co are getting out of the public purse and the very public pride they have in defending terror suspects.”

Wonder, indeed. And marvel.

The answer to the Express’ phone vote – “Should Hamza’s lawyer get £500,000?” – demands the response “Yes”.

As ever the paper’s question is more loaded than Lindsay Lohan in a nightclub. And, as ever, is demands one response…

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