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Owning Up – Shilpa’s Married Man & Forgiving Jade Goody

by | 14th, February 2007

small_171289_1_1171454696.jpgSHILPA Shetty may have left the country, but she still holds out attention in the palm of her silk gloved hands.

But before Shilpa can tell us about her “MARRIED MAN”, a plea: “I urge people to stop pelting stones at their homes and sending them death threats.”

The “they” are Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd. And, indeed, there is little to no points in chucking stones at their homes. For starters, Danielle has been in Dubai for her holidays. And for another, Jade has just moved into new £1.5million pile in Essex. The people who seek to avenge Shilpa’s treatment on Big Brother may care to knock on the front door and check if they have the right address before stones are thorn.

In any case, it is all so much water with bits of undercooked chicken in it under the bridge. Shilpa has forgiven. If Danielle wants to go to India, then she can. Didn’t Shilpa invite her?

“I invited her over when we were in the house,” says Shilpa. “Of course she is welcome to come over. I don’t own India, you know!”

As we say, Shilpa has forgiven. And she does not hold us – the British peoples – culpable in her treatment. Does she see British people in different light? “No,” says Shilpa. “I know not everyone in Britain is as rude and nasty as Jade, Jo or Danielle.”

That’s very understanding. Forgiveness, they name is Shilpa.

But is Shilpa as understanding with her married man? Not that he was married when eh was with Shilpa. As OK! points out in the small print, this ex cheated on Shilpa with a girl he then married. “Ahh,” says Shilpa, “that is old hat.”

And it is. But without Big Brother to talk about OK! is lost. Lucy, Shilpa’s PR, steps in. “Why is everyone so obsessed with this man?” she asks “How would anyone like to have people asking about people from their past?” Well, if you’re James Hewitt, Sarah Ferguson or any number of stars with memoirs to write, we think, they might enjoy it.

“It was so long ago,” adds Lucy. “Talk about the men in between.”

OK thinks. How is Preparation H from Steps? Or what about Jack Tweedy, Jade Goody’s lover. You remember her, don’t you Shilpa..?

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