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Teddy In Bed – Big Brother’s Danielle Is Out

by | 16th, February 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpgIT’S a Danielle from Big Brother “exclusive”.

Given the popular reaction to her time in the Big Brother house, any interview with Danielle Lloyd is bound to be laced with more than a hint of exclusivity. After all, who else but the Star would want to hear from the woman accused to racism, bigotry and bullying?

So here is Danielle. Pictured on the point of nearly exposing a nipple on the Star’s front page, Danielle tells us: “I’M BACK IN BED WITH MY LOVER TEDDY.”

Teddy is Teddy Sheringham, Danielle’s middle-aged footballer. And there is the former England player, age 39, out on the town with 23-year-old Danielle.

Looking happy to see her man, and happier still to see a camera looking at her, Danielle and Teddy are out for what the Star says is the first time since she embarked on her Big Brother journey.

The Stars says the couple had agreed to take things slowly, but what with Teddy’s advancing years and Danielle’s need to grasp the nettle of her fame before we lose interest, things cannot wait.

So here they are off to see We Will Rock You in London’s West End. The paper watches the pair hold hands throughout the show, which may have prevented them from fully joining in with Radio GaGa’s overhead handclapping.

Then it’s off to “posh” Asia de Cuba eatery in Covent Garden.

Teddy cracks open a bottle of champagne – well, it is Valentine’s night, and he is a footballer.

Stopping short of handing Danielle an odourless rose wrapped in a pair of novelty knickers that play “I’m Too Sexy For My Vase” when placed in water, Teddy takes his lover’s hand and leads her back to his Essex pile.

A show. A dinner. Champagne. And now this. Will the magic never end?…

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