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When The Queen Meets Sharon Osbourne

by | 16th, February 2007

queensharon.jpg“GO on,” says Her Majesty the Queen. “Pull it. Pull my hand.”

It is good to know that the Queen is sensitive to the cultural mood and knows what to do when meeting and shaking the hand of Sharon Osbourne.

Not that the Telegraph is telling us what words passed between the mother to a dysfunctional family of drug-taking, hard-drinking and womanising spoilt brats and Sharon. We only get the photo.

Over in the Times, there is more. And we see another picture taken at the reception held by the Queen to recognise the country’s top business women.

Sharon is in the business of self-promotion. And she does not swear. Instead, as the Times reports, Sharon Osbourne and her hosts talk about dogs and Camilla’s forthcoming operation.

But Sharon is not the only high-flyer in attendance. The Times’ picture shows Camilla Duchess of Cornwall meeting with Jacqueline Gold, who flogs PVC knickers at Ann Summers.

“Oh, Ann Summers,” says Her Majesty as she meets Gold who, unforgivably, is not dressed for the occasion as Miss Hot Cakes (“Would Sir care for some crumpet? Or maybe he’d like to sample my muffin?”).

Says Gold: “The twinkle in her eye meant it was obvious she knew who I was…We talked about how I employ 10,000 people and that I’m based in Surrey.”

Out of shot is Sarah Doukas. She returns the Storm Model Management company. “You’ve been in the news lately,” says Queen Liz, “does it take all shapes and sizes?” “Yes,” replies Ms Doukas. There are long and tin models, thin and long models and very thin and very long models. The full range.

And here’s June Kenton, director of Rigby and Peller, bra suppliers to the Queen.

The Times says many women come up to Ms Kenton and confide that they are wearing her products.

Says the Times: “The Queen was not one of them; Ms Kenton knows perfectly well what she wears.”

As does Ms Gold…

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