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Prince Harry – Bullet Magnet

by | 19th, February 2007

prince-harry-bullet-magnet.jpgFRESH from manoeuvres in drinking dens throughout London’s Mayfair zone, Prince Harry is battle hardened and ready to fight in Iraq.

But concerned voices are talking loudly. The Mail reports on a “security nightmare”, “an unprecedented security headache”.

Should Harry just be one of the lads fighting for granny and country? Or should he be protected around the clock by a phalanx of officers from the Metropolitan Police personal protection squad?

Can it good for the collective morale for one soldier to be shielded from enemy flak by coppers while his comrades trust life and limb to non-firing guns and boots that melt in the searing heat?

See Harry scurrying between the buildings, dodging sniper fire and ready to take the enemy positions. See the six flatfoots by his side, radioing for backup checking tax discs and looking for IC2 males acting in a suspicious manner and DWB (driving while black).

And what happens after Harry’s six-month tour off duty. Minds return to Prince Andrew, the last royal to serve his county in military operations. Twenty-five years ago Andrew flew helicopters in the Falklands. Rumours are that he hasn’t worked since. War can be cruel.

What will become of Harry? As the Mail points out, “harming or capturing the third in line to the throne would be a massive coupe for insurgents or terrorists. Soldiers are already referring to Harry as a “bullet magnet”.

Who would be the officer in charge of Harry? Who would be the office in charge of a missing Harry? Who would be a missing Harry?

But preparations are being made. As the Sun reports, Harry’s top protection officer has been in Iraq checking out the lay of the land.

Rumours abound that it is dangerous over there. “It’s the mother of all security nightmares,” says a source.

But Harry will be just fine. Prince Harry is tough. He knows what to expect. How bad can it be for a ginger lad who boarded at public school and has seen so much the West End after lights out?

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