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Prince Among Men – Harry’s Off To Iraq

by | 23rd, February 2007


The Star asks the question that matters. But readers should note that the paper’s phone vote carries only limited weight and whatever the result Prince Harry will go to Iraq.

The same goes for the Sun’s “Army” of readers. Whatever their response to “Harry in Iraq: will he put our boys more at risk? Discuss!”, the prince is off.

Nothing can make Harry flinch from his duty, not even the Star telling him and the world that in Iraq Harry will be the “No1 terror target”.

And not former boxer Chris Eubank, a man who has made a good living from punching people in the head. Chris has been driving his 32ft, seven-ton Peterbilt lorry around Whitehall and blasting the horn.

The message on the truck’s flank reads: “BLAIR Don’t send our young prince to you catastrophic illegal war, to make it look pl ausibl e.” (Anorak believes the final word in Eubank’s plea to be “plausible”, but there is ever chance Ckwiss writes likes he talks and the word appears as he intended.)

While many upbraid Eubank for his choice of vehicle in central London and demand that he be hanged for crimes against the environment, the Star sees police pinch him for breach of the peace and driving without due care and attention.

And Harry will go to Iraq. The Mail does its best to put him off by reminding Harry Baseball Cap that six-months patrolling the Iraqi desert will be a “marked change” in his life. Instead of “hectic socialising”, Harry will be “sleeping under the stars” and living off boil-in-the-bag curries and stew.

War can be tough, It might sound like a camping trip, a sponsored charity walk in the desert, but this is war.

A senior military source tells the Sun: “Harry’s certainly jumping in at the deep end with Maysan. It’s well and truly Mad Max land. It’s like the land the world forgot up there.

“There’s a popular story about two of its tribes duelling over the ownership of a cow. They went home to get their heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons and by the end of the day, ten were dead and 40 wounded. It sums the place up.

And there are no special arrangements for Harry to be guarded as he stands guard. The Mail reminds Harry that there will be no SAS minders and no police bodyguards watching him.

Says Mayor Charles Heyman: “His troop sergeant and troop corporal are just as capable of looking out for him as the SAS, who have other demands on their time.”

Indeed, books on the SAS do not write themselves. Harry will be forced to rely on his comrades and his training.

And all things considered he is “RARING TO GO”, as the Mirror’s headline states. “Harry can’t wait as Army sends him out to Iraq.”

Good luck to him, say we. “He’s a very brave and determined young man who wants to be part of his regiment and part of the Army,” says Tony Blair.

Bon voyage, Cornet Wales, God speed. The only issue is what to do with you when you return? And if your favourite bars will survive without your patronage…

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