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Wag & Bob’s Tale

by | 24th, February 2007

nicola-t.jpg“WHEN you’re sat in Row Z and the ball hits your head that’s Zamora…”

Bobby Zamora may not be the Premier League’s sharpest shooter but that doesn’t stop Nicola T pinning her hopes on the West Ham striker giving her the babies she craves.

“When the crowd sing his name it gives me the tingles,” says 24-year-old Nicola, speaking in the Sun’s article “I want to have Bobbie’s babies”.

Oh, the tingle of expectation, the frisson of the unexpected when Zamora gets the ball. That’s Amore.

And Bobby is romantic. Says Nicola: ““He’s lavished endless amounts of diamonds and designer dresses on me — but he once bought me something priceless which really proves he loves me.”


“I was at a photoshoot and got an excruciating pain. I went to the doctors and they discovered I had growths the size of golf balls around my ovaries.”

So what did Bobby do?

“There was a chance I could have lost my ovaries completely. The doctors wanted to operate immediately but it was going to cost £3,000. Bobby said, ‘We want babies one day so go and get it done.’”

So there are babies on the way. Is Nicole pregnant?

“Days later he gave me a beautiful Rolex watch — but it was his love and support that counted.”

Indeed. This from Nicole who once said: “We Page 3 girls make our living from our personalities as well as our looks. I love Bobby because he’s Bobby, not because he is a footballer.”

Which given his ability on the pitch is lucky…  It’s Amore…

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