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India’s Crush On Jade Goody

by | 28th, February 2007

indias-crush-on-jade-goody.jpgJADE Goody is in India.

And this is what the locals are saying: “My baby is hurt..who is this awful person? She’s not welcome.”

Jade is proving to be every bit as big a hit in India as she is in the UK. And here comes Jade, her entourage, many reporters and cameras along the gutters of a Delhi slum.

Jade is to be photographed with penniless children, says the Sun. She’s to spend 45 minutes inside the confines of the Railway Project, a scheme to help orphans forced to eke out a life by the train tracks.

“Welcome Zad Goody,” proclaims the poster inside a small hut. Children are not allowed within. And there are no provisions made for those without.

The Sun sees a crush form in the streets. And Anu, a 26-year-old mother, is knocked to the ground with her three-month-old baby. “She is not welcome here if she is going to behave like this,” says she of Jade.

“SLUM KIDS HURT IN JADE STUNT CRUSH,” says the Sun. This is Jade’s apology to the millions she offended.

It’s a private visit. A private matter. And as Jade tells the press conference, she has arranged in her five-star hotel, she plans to given the £25,000 fee for appearing on Big Brother to an Indian charity. Privately.

“I don’t want the money,” the Mirror hears Jade say. “It’s dirty money because it caused a lot of pain to a lot of people.”

The money is dirty but it’s good enough for the Indians. Is this what Jade means?

But she is too busy to stop and explain. Indeed, as the Star hears Jade say: “I’m too busy with my charity work to meet up with Shilpa.”

But we can lean about Jade’s four-day Indian odyssey in the book she’s writing and the film that’s being made.

And we can work out how Jade – the big Big Brother star – only scored £25,000 for appearing on the show when former SS Club 7 singer Jo O’Meara got £50,000 (Star) and Shilpa Shetty £300,000?

And if you get what you pay for…

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