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Out Of Bounds – Victoria Beckham Meets Tom Hanks & Ford

by | 28th, February 2007

out-of-bounds-victoria-beckham-meets-tom-hanks-ford.jpg“POSH & BECKS ‘LIVING APART’,” announces the Star’s front page.

The Beckhams, described as “stressed-out”, are said to have spent “just 25 days” together under the same roof since New Year’s Day.

To the Star this is a shocker. But by our calculations this is as good as one day in two, not bad for a professional footballer and a fame-hungry wife.

And, as we know, Vicky is in Los Angeles making the place ready for her family.

And the Mirror hears just what she’s been getting up to in what it’s calling her first US interview.

Says Vicky: “I was at a party the other day when Tom Hanks came bonding over.” No way! Tom Hanks bounds? Who would’ve thought it? Go on…

“He said: ‘I’m so thrilled you and David are coming over. I’m going to get a season ticket to watch LA Galaxy now.”

That’s great news. Just another 100,000 tickets to sell and Vicky will have more than justified Dave’s £1million a week wages.

Says Vicky: “All the time he was talking I was just thinking, ‘It’s Forrest Gump! And he knows who I am.’”

Steady on, Posh. Hanks might bound and look a little mentally negligible in The Da Vinci Code, but he’s not some inbred Southern hick. Hanks is an Oscar winner and, though new to LA, Posh would do well to remember to treat the local elite with respect and deference.

Posh, who has played dominoes with Penelope Cruz, says she and David don’t go out that much.

“It’s fun now and then to go out for dinner, but am I going to start going to clubs with Britney Spears every night? Probably not.” Indeed, it might be best not to be seen with Britney for a while.

And even when Posh is out she dreams of being in. Vicky says the first thing she does when she boards a plane is put on her pyjamas. “But the other day I was on a flight sitting next to Tom Ford. I told him that I was going to take all my glam gear off and he said, ‘You shouldn’t.’ I thought he was joking and was getting ready to change when he said. ‘No, you really shouldn’t.’”

The cad! At least Vicky told the designer off, right? “I was so intimidated I had to sit on this 11-hour flight in tight, uncomfortable clothes.”

Which she has yet to take off…

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