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LA Posh – Victoria Beckham Gets David’s Hair

by | 1st, March 2007

posh.jpgVICTORIA Beckham is blonde.

Vicky now looks like what you’d get if you bred Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes, Ralph Maccio and a pot of lemon curd.

It’s “GOLDEN CURLS,” says the Sun’s front page, words hanging above a shot of Vicky’s dead-straight, short hair-do.

La Beckham is on good term with the Sun and is said to have called the paper to tell everyone there about her new hairstyle. And they have been good enough to relay the news to the world.

“I love my new hair colour,” says Posh. “I’ve certainly got a spring in my step. And I’m keen to see if blondes really do have more fun.”

Let’s hope so. Too often have we looked at Posh and seen a brunette woman with a pained brunette expression, a woman whose mood seems as dark as her hair. Now blonde, can we expect Posh to have blonde moments?

“I thought it was very suitable for when we move to LA as well,” says she. “It’s a bit of a sunkissed Californian look, I hope.”

This is Her Poshness in California Girl mode. When in Rome and all that.

And if Posh can just lose some weight and cut down on those carbs, she should be indistinguishable from the locals.

Indeed, we learn via the Mail that Vicky’s hair is the work of Chris MacMillan, the man who gave Jennifer Aniston’s hair personality, character and acting ability.

And we realises that Vicky’s hair took a whole day to do. “I kept sending David pictures to check he approves,” says Vicky.

And he should. As the Sun points out, the hairstyle is not dissimilar to one sported by David in 1999.

You don’t suppose, it’s the same hair, do you? Is Vicky turning into Day-vid..?

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