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Endless Love – Liz Hurley’s Wedding

by | 7th, March 2007

Marry in hasteWE’VE reached the mid-way point in the Liz Hurley wedding to Arun Nayer.

And before all of India can dance and sing and the party decamps from India for the next leg in Arun’s hometown of Leeds, we catch up with events to date.

It is not every magazine that can invite its readers to experience a showbiz wedding as it actually occurs, but Hello! did not pay a fortune for something ordinary.

So journey with us to what Hello! is calling “The wedding of the year” and, very possibly, the wedding of next year.
We catch up with Hurley and her lover at Sudely Castle. This is “fairytale English style” do and we expect lots of ugly sisters, wicked stepparents and dwarves.

But first we get Liz’s dress. It is white. It is a “chiffon dream” with a silk tulle bodice. It has been designed by Hurley’s showbiz pal Donatella Versace.

The train is so much white fabric gathered into bunches. It looks like feathers. And, as Anorak has noted, guests resisted the temptation to goose the bride.

And such guests. There’s Elton John and his partner David Furnish. Cobbler Patrick Cox. Clothes designer Tom Ford. Bra wearer Eva Herzigova. And Liz’s son Damian trussed up in a pair of creamy-white plus fours and a matching satin-trimmed jacket that suggest a young man already deeply secure in his masculinity.

In all there are ten children dressed like Damien. And we wish them good mental health in the future.

And there are more names: Elle Macpherson (model), Pavlos of Greece (self-style Prince), Flavio Briatore (shop owner) and Trinny ‘the Tranny’ Woodall (dresser).

But where is Hugh Grant? Is he late? “We decided not to invite either Hugh or Arun’s ex-wife Valentina,” says Liz. “We adore our exes but we thought it would make all four of us feel a bit sad.”

And then the strains of Gloria break out. Give me a G! L! O!… But this is no typical wedding, and this is Vivaldi’s Gloria, a thing of splendour.

Those within the chapel sigh as Liz “gazed lovingly into Arun’s eyes”. Those unable to be seated within the chapel, look on from the cheap seats as the event is relayed to TVs plugged in before them.

Tears well in Liz; eyes. The actress struggles with her lines. Finally, she manages to control herself and speak the vows. And then more tears “well up in her beautiful green-blue eyes and trickle down her face”. The designer Valentino says the tears are “like seeing an exquisite flower blossom”.

Hello! sees that many of the guests are also crying.

Then to the sounds of the choir singing the Wedding March, guests retire for a plate of lobster cocktail, roast chicken and bread and butter pudding.

There are photographs in the library. Elton John sings. Arun and Liz dance. A video in the Bollywood style plays on a screen. It is the tale of Arun and Liz’s romance.

And then the Liz changes her dress and prepares to it all again…

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