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Liz Hurley’s Trollope

by | 6th, March 2007

liz-hurleys-trollope.jpgBUT what of Liz Hurley’s wedding? What is it like?

The Mail knows. It has an “insider” at the do.

The paper hears from Rosemary Trollope, mother to Aga Saga writer Joanna Trollope. Rosemary will tell all.

Rosemary is sat in the front pew for the post-registry office church blessing.

Mother-of-one Liz is wearing a white Versace dress as she draws upon her not inconsiderable know-how to walk unaided down the aisle at Sudeley Castle chapel.

The train seems to be made of white feathers. The temptation to goose the bride would have been high. But instead Rosemary just gives the dress a quick fondle and discovers the feathers to be made of rows of chiffon frills.

Then Patsy Kensit steps forward to read a lesson. The former Mrs Liam Gallagher wears a black chiffon ball-gown. “I though she was a very brave girl,” says Rosemary not altogether unkindly.

Kensit, an actress by trade, is to read a lesson from John Chapter 15, Versus 1-18 (“Verily, thou shall sell the photos to Hello!. Thou shall string out the wedding for a 26-page feature. Thou shall wear many dresses. For it is so.”)

All told, Rosemary is glad Kensit is there, what with her being the only famous person she recognises, other than Elton John.

So Rosemary is impelled to talk to “strangers”, or not-yet-good-pals, as we prefer to call them.

She spots a thin woman, “a mere slice of a girl”, wearing an outfit made up of a few silver sequins. There are evening dresses. There are ball gowns. There are silk cocktail suits.

And there is Elizabeth’s mother, Angela Hurley. She’s come in a “pale green, sparkly dress with trailing chiffon skirt”. Looking not unlike a string of asparagus bejewelled with morning dew, the elder Hurley is a woman to be relied up. And then the dress “somehow” gets caught under Rosemary’s feet.

Rosemary’s own choice of outfit is not revealed, but we imagine it to be a pale green, sparkly dress with trailing chiffon skirt. Or failing that, tweed and pearls in no end of combinations.

And so to the marquee. No mere tent this, as white tables circle a dance floor. The canopy is sprinkled with gold stars. Piles of cream-coloured roses are plentiful.

“All preconceptions of a showbizzy element could be dismissed,” says Rosemary. Well, only Patsy Kensit, Elton John and Joanna Trollope’s mum are there…

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