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In The Stocks – Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd Sues

by | 7th, March 2007

in-the-stocks-big-brothers-danielle-lloyd-sues.jpgTODAY Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd will be wearing white fishnet sticking, a balconette bra and mauve satin suspenders.

And she will be suing the show that brought her to the nation’s attention.

As the Star reports on its front page (“DANI SUES BB FOR RACE ‘FIX’”), the former Wag, former Miss Great Britain and former Big Brother housemate says the show was edited to make her look like a “giggling racist”. And what’s more, she has “PROOF” she was set up.

Inside the paper and Danielle is dressed in a racially unmotivated black and white bra twin set.

And we read that Danielle’s lawyers accuse Endemol, the company that produces the show, of removing “crucial” footage that when broadcast will clear their client of any charge of racism.

To the Star this is big news. Although it may care to note that the main Big Brother show is a highlights package. And that in the American version billing is given to a “scripting editor”.

Big Brother is a TV show in the same way the news is a selection of what an editor considers to be good bits of information and the weather is an artist’s impression of what is going on in the stratosphere.

But Danielle’s lawyers are not happy. They claim Endemol “neglected their duty of care” towards Danielle and libelled her by editing footage.

The lawyers call Exhibit A.

On the matter of the Ox Cube saga, yer honour, Messers Shetty versus Goody, Lloyd and O’Meara, Ms Lloyd was heard to utter: “Guy’s why are you fighting over an Oxo Cube?” This quote was not broadcast.

All that viewers of the hour-long highlights show bore witness to was Danielle laughing as Shilpa was attacked over said stock cube.

A source tells the paper: “It is as though it was edited to make the situation look even worse than it was and Dani looked bad.”

For their part, Endemol deny any wrongdoing. They have until March 14 to respond at which point Danielle will sue or not sue.

We hope she sticks to her guns and takes the programme to court.

We will be in attendance when Danielle, dressed in a sober black thong and vulnerable black knickers explains how editing made it look like she said of Indian native Miss Shilpa Shetty “She wants to be white”, “She’s a dog” and “I think she should fuck off home. She can’t even speak English properly anyway.”

It promises to be quite a show. She should leave nothing out…

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