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Heather Mills’ Video Nasty

by | 9th, March 2007

heather-mills-video-nasty.jpgHEATHER Mills, estranged wife of Paul McCartney, is acting strangely.

The Mail has a picture of Heather sat behind the wheel of a large 4×4.

Such brazen behaviour in these days of environmental turmoil should not pass unnoticed.

If Heather is seeking to make herself still more despised we cannot think of a better way to achieve her aim than by driving over Mother Nature’s throat in her urban tank.

But there is more. As the picture shows, Heather is melting the icecap and killing so many polar bears, fluffy baby seals and penguins while operating a camcorder.

“She pulled out of the station holding the camera and looking out the window,” says one onlooker.

The Mail, however, is uncertain if Heather is moving at the same time as she is filming they who would film her.

But it does say with no lack of conviction that she goes on to jump a read light.

We know. What if a child has been crossing at the time? See that iconic image of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road. See the Mercedes 4×4 driven by a blonde woman using a camcorder approach. See The Beatles disband with no Frog Chorus.

As the man from the Automobile Association points out, Rule 127 of the Highway Code states in bald terms: “You must exercise proper control of your vehicle at all times.”

A spokesman for the Royal Automobile Club tells us that driving while producing a home movie is “extremely dangerous”.

But did Heather really do it? There is no moving image that can be used as evidence.

And so what if she did. Heather is rich. As the Sun says, “greedy” Heather Mills has just received £2million from McCartney. This is described by a source as a “goodwill gesture without prejudice”.

Very nice. But is anything ever devoid of prejudice? And do note Heather’s choice of vehicle…

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