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Lindsay Lohan’s Auto-Graph

by | 9th, March 2007

lindsay-lohan-auto-graph.jpg“LOOK, mom – it’s Lindsay Lohan.”

Erin Morrissey, 13, is excited. The native of Erieville, New York, is in Los Angeles on holiday.

She has spotted the starlet, no small thing given that Lohan is periodically secreted behind closed doors and padded walls of a rehab centre.

Understandably excited, Erin calls to her mum. Ellen Morrissey dashes over. It truly is Lohan standing in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.

Employing no end of cool, Ellen sidles up to the actress. “I asked if she would be kind enough to allow us to take a photo of her with my daughter. She told us: ‘OK, let me just get in my car and I’ll circle around.’”

Ellen recalls how Lindsay was holding a glass of a clear liquid with a lemon wedge floating on the top. She “seemed to slur when she spoke”.

Says Ellen: “I have never been around anyone who reeked so much of alcohol.” Impressed? Not really. Says Ellen: “It was totally disgusting.”

But Ellen is not in Hollywood to judge. Ellen is in Hollywood to get pictures. It is 2:30am and Ellen and Erin are waiting.

And here comes Lohan now. She’s in her black Mercedes. She’s coming over. Here she comes. She’s coming, mom.

Closer. Closer. Closer.

Faster. Faster. Faster.

“We had to leap out of the way,” says Ellen. “She almost killed us, literally!”

But Ellen and Erin survive to tell the tale. And lucky for us they tell their tale to the Enquirer.

But the drama does not end there. And two days later Ellen spots Lindsay in the hotel lobby. It is midnight. Lindsay is not in her car.

Says Ellen: “I asked Lindsay politely if she would take a quick moment to stand next to Erin so I could take a photo.”

To which Lohan is said to have replied: “Get that bitch away from me!”

Erin cried. And Ellen called the tabloids. “Lindsay is a cruel, obnoxious mess,” says Ellen.

But with no photo to support this claim, can we be certain…

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