Anorak News | Lindsay Lohan Dad Released; Lohan Daughter Questioned

Lindsay Lohan Dad Released; Lohan Daughter Questioned

by | 14th, March 2007

family_michael.jpgAS we’d tipped you off in a world exclusive, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan was released from prison this morning and headed home to a new chance at a fresh start at making things right in his life.

Is that news? Well, mainstream news outlets as far-ranging as the CHINA DAILY reported it today, quoting producer Brett Hudson, who’s been filming a Lohan reality project for the past two and a half years, saying, “Michael Lohan is a changed man.”

We hate to use the word “ironic,” but “ironic,” isn’t it, that hours before he was released, Lindsay, who’s been in and out of rehab, was leaving a New York City nightclub called Club Butter, when for some reason, she drove her own car away, with a bottle of clear liquid in one hand – with paparazzi and (TMZ-style amateur) stalkerazzi in pursuit.

After a Diana-like chase, Lindsay allegedly struck a shutterbug with her car. Only after police intervene did Lindsay get into her bodyguard’s SUV.

The TV show Access Hollywood bought the paparazzi video for money and got the “scoop”around the world. Dangerous stuff, folks.

We, for one, can’t wait for the Michael Lohan reality show.

Go through the archives. See whose prophecies have rung true…

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