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David Cameron’s New Left & Old Right

by | 14th, March 2007

cameronbeforeandafter.jpgDANNY Finkelstein has just posted suggesting that the side David Cameron parts his hair has changed.

I’m not sure how this is possible though as parting are usually dictated by where your crown is and I’m pretty sure you can’t have two crowns (can you?). My instinct tells me it’s a straight “flip image” in photoshop.

Opinions? And Hair Part Theories.

Update: Apparently, there are freakish people out there with two crowns.

Update 2: Have done some digging, and he was on BBC News yesterday and it was not on a new side. However, ITV and the Standard both have pictures from yesterday’s stories with it on the other. I’m still punting for mirror flip in a graphics package. I could be wrong though.

Update 3: Pointless observation. Let’s assume he’s changed it. He did part on his right, but from the front it appears on the left. Whilst Brown on the other hand parts on his left and from the front it’s appears on the right. It’s all in the body language oh yes!

Update 4: I have been reliably informed that the parting really did change side, plus a comment has pointed out a sort of mole thing that is on his chin in the same place on both pics.


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