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When With Roman – Mrs Abramovich Sits Pretty

by | 16th, March 2007

abramovich.jpgOLGA Abramovich is in the bedsit she once shared with her ex-husband roman Abramovich.

The Sun has jetted out to Moscow to speak with Olga, the woman who knew billionaire roman when he was poor, Russia was locked behind an Iron Curtain and Chelsea FC were competing in the Zenith Data Systems Cup.

Olga recalls those times, sat as she is in the flat she received as settlement when she divorced Roman. Sat as she is on the sofa bed where, as the Sun tells us, Olga and Roman “consummated their marriage”.

Says Olga: “Over the years, I have occasionally thought that if the dice had rolled differently I could have been sharing it with him – but it wasn’t to be.”

And then an insight into Roman’s then life. “I did all the cooking and all the cleaning,” says Olga. “He never washed or ironed.”

Is this why they divorced? Does Irina Abramovich, Roman’s now second ex-wife, reads this and nod in empathy?

But it was not all so many creased shirts. “We were really happy for a year and a half,” says Olga, who married Roman in 1988. “It was real love for both of us.”

But there were rows. “If I got offended I would deny him sex…but he never turned me down,” says Olga, and again we are back on that sofa bed.

But it turns out not to be the sofa bed in Olga’s home. The Sun tells us that chez Abramovich is now rented out. Olga lives 12 miles up the road with her new husband in another flat she owns.

“I have never asked Roman for money” says she. “I don’t need it. More money just created more problems.”

Perhaps. But surely Roman could stretch to a new sofa bed, or at least to have it steam cleaned…

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