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Big Brother Danielle Lloyd’s Busted Flush

by | 19th, March 2007

daniellelloyd.jpgENCOURAGING signs that the Big Brother Danielle Lloyd Benefit Fund is working well.

The Star’s front page has a picture of Danielle dressed in a top that covers her tummy, back and the better part of her breasts. Sadly, Danielle’s backside remains exposed, and we urge you to keep giving and get the model dressed.

But Danielle is not charity case. Danielle is looking to make money for herself. As the Star’s headline announces: “DANI ‘N TED’S £100M POKER BATTLE.”

News is that Danielle is to be the face, arse and breasts of Ladbroke’s “poker empire”. And this will, as the Star says, place her in direct combat with ex-lover Teddy Sheringham, who promotes Victor Chandler’s poker enterprises.

These are heady times in the world on internet poker. And the Star is rightly excited at the prospect of Teddy and Danielle tying to outwit each other in a virtual world.

This will, as the paper says, “be one of the industry’s most compelling contests”. What the other compelling contests are in the world of poker, we would like to know. The Star does not say.

But we do learn that Ladbroke’s became keen on Danielle when she won £10,000 at the Cheltenham Festival last week. We can only imagine by what greater distance Kauto Star would have won the Gold Cup had Danielle been sat astride the beast, horse’s nose and mo-del’s breasts thrusting for the line.

And there is irony at work. As the paper says, Danielle was taught to play poker by Teddy. The pupil becomes the master.

And we look out for Danielle’s winning two pair and Teddy’s busted flush with some excitement…

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