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Britney Spears Pays Off Kevin

by | 21st, March 2007

britkevpreston_2.jpgA LOOK on Kevin Federline’s search engine fails to reveal how much cash he’s due to receive in any divorce from Britney Spears.

Happily, the Sun is on hand to tell us that K-Ferret is to get his hands on £10million.

The details of the settlement are not revealed in full and there is every chance Kevin will sing again.

But a friend of the rapping rodent tells us that things between Kevin and Britney are amicable. “Everything changed when Britney went into rehab,” says the source. “She and Kevin started talking again and he’s been a tower of strength for her.”

Who needs rehab when you have K-Fed to brighten your day and put your insecurities about failing looks and receding talent in perspective.

The source goes on: “Her time in rehab has given Britney a lot of time to think, and has shown her Kevin loves his kids and is a good dad.”

So terrific is Kevin that Britney is paying him a £1million lump sum – half her earnings during their two-year marriage – and half the sale proceeds from their Malibu home.

In all, K-Ferret will get £10million to no longer be Mrs Britney Spears.

Which may or may not be cheaper than a life in rehab…

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